"> Nancy E. Watt

Nancy E. Watt, SnowPrints III (detail) 2007,

embossed mould made, paper 600 g, 42”x30”


260 Carlaw Ave., Unit 102

Toronto, ON, Canada M4M 3L1

Tel: 416-465-7352

E: info@headbonesgallery.com


WATT on her Work...
I have been a printmaker and sculptor since my teen years. I studied design at Ryerson and printmaking and sculpture at University of Toronto and York University. Ever since then, I have concentrated on the integration of design, printmaking and sculpture in my professional practice.

Interested in the concept of “wholeness,” as conceptualised in the philosophy of Spinoza, I endeavour to bring to aesthetic consciousness reminders of human enmeshment in the environmental web and the natural relationships it supports. As an aspect of this interest, I focus also, on the importance—critical to our cultural, as well as our bodily survival—of preserving wilderness within our diminishing wild habitats.

Over the past 10 years of building life and work relationships in Germany and Canada, I have concentrated my practice on new ways of contextual seeing within a bicultural perspective. This self-imposed continental drift has afforded me fascinating insights into two very different continents that I now traverse, compare and share.

The snow prints series, which began in 2001, is a movement toward counter - constructivism in the framework of abstract realism.

Example: Frozen Assets: our assets are snow, not financial derivatives; our fight is against global warming, and for the preservation of deep ecology principles. Hand-printed by the artist in Essen, Germany at Aqua Tinta Studios on a
100+ year old press, this is art that is hand made
in the tradition of process, substance and sustainability.

Artist‘s proofs available in limited quantities: Ski trail Swoosch; Snowshoe Visit; and Existential Bird Thoughts


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